First GMO Animal Food Coming to USA

We are all learning that GMO foods are bad for people to eat! Up to this point such food products have been primarily grains, but now, according to the Center for Food Safety, the FDA has approved the import and selling of GMO animal foods, starting with Salmon.

“Genetically engineered (GE) salmon were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug

Administration in November 2015 – the first GE animal ever approved for human

consumption. FDA has stated they do not believe the fish need to be labeled as

genetically engineered, leaving consumers in the dark. So we have launched a

national campaign to keep GE salmon out of our supermarkets and off our plates.

We’ve contacted the nation’s biggest grocery stores, seafood companies, and

seafood restaurants asking them to commit to avoid GE salmon. Dozens have

committed not to purchase or sell GE salmon, but there are many more to go!”

Here is the guide list of stores, restaurants and food manufacturers in the United States that have committed to avoid GE (GMO) salmon.

Please know that Apex Health will never use GMO or GE ingredients in our products, period.