Best Water Filters – Removing ‘Forever Chemicals’

With Summer approaching, that means we will (and should) be drinking more water. And that means we want to be diligent to drink healthy water, free of pesticides, PFAS, etc.

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) is one referral we use for the latest research when it comes to food, water and air safety.

In their recent article on Getting ‘forever chemicals’ out of our drinking water, they cover the following:

  • The most effective water filters for reducing PFAS.
  • Several water filter brands were able to eliminate some PFAS.
  • Affordable water filter alternatives also get some PFAS out of water.

They report that “PFAS contaminate the drinking water and groundwater of more than 3,000 communities, affecting an estimated 200 million Americans. Simply drinking a glass of water from your kitchen tap may expose you to these toxic substances – but there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family.”

They bought and used 10 different types of water filters, testing them in real homes using their water: “We measured how much each water filter reduced forever chemicals. To bring you our recommendation, we also accounted for several other important qualities in our top selections. including the cost of the filter and its potential useful life, among other considerations.”

To read their findings and recommendations, here is the LINK.

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