Spring ‘Cleaning’

Spring is here and with that, for many, that means spring cleaning the house. EWG (Environmental Working Group) has a list of “Safer Sprayers” for Spring Cleaning, to help us sort through the vast array of cleaning products that we have on hand or need to restock. They’ve assembled a “quick and easy list of some of the safest general purpose spray cleaners” that are available at many of the stores we shop at. See list here.

Plus…while we are cleaning our houses and putting them in order, it’s a good time to also put our bodies ‘in order’, such as choosing healthy foods and supplements and throwing out those foods in our pantry that are contaminated with pesticides or chemicals that are harmful to our physical health. And it’s a good time to help our bodies fight the ‘unknowns’ in food, water and the environment with quality, natural, safe products that strengthen our immune systems, such as Apex Health offers. See our products here.

We know it’s hard work sometimes to ‘watch’ what we eat for health purposes, but the results are worth it.

So, happy ‘cleaning!’